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 Marathon Business Development Group

is all about business development, branding, and growing your business. Among our achievements, one of the most trusted mortgage services in the US, one of the most respected homeowner groups in the US, and the most quoted consultants in the world on global piracy and counterfeiting.

No matter if you seek to grow your business locally, regionally, nationally, or around the world, the Marathon Business Group, will help you make it happen.



  • Marathon Business Development Group helped an upstart investigative firm become one of the most quoted sources in the world with respect to global piracy, and counterfeiting.
  • Marathon Business Development developed a platform for Wall Street Fraud Watchdog and the client is number one on a Google search anywhere in the world.
  • Marathon Business Development Group worked with product liability law firms to develop a campaign focused on getting help for victims of metal on metal hip implants-this is an ongoing campaign. There are potentially 500,000 US citizens, who may have a defective metal on metal hip implant.
  • Marathon Business Development Group took a small business that is focused on mortgage document inspections. This business in number one if you Google search Mortgage Inspections.



"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."

Henry Ford






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