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The President of Marathon Business Development Group has 30 years of marketing, business development experience, from corporate 500 campaigns, to major national, or international initiatives. 

Our team also includes small business experts, we believe our Internet expert, is the most amazing web designer in the business, and more.  Most of all we are aggressive and passionate about our clients, and we are in the business of putting our clients on the map.

Our ambition for our clients is to improve their business by making their services or products relevant in what is perhaps the worst economic downturn in the US, since the great depression. We are also fighters, believing that in tough times, you fight back.

Our firms name includes the word Marathon, because life, and business is just that,  a marathon.  It changes; everyday brings a new environment, a new opportunity, a new chance to win.

Most of our clients are small businesses. As is the case in Politics, we believe that successful businesses are local, or are relevant on a local basis. We believe there is no bundled and personalized service like this in the US.  


"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."

                                                                                       Mark Twain







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